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A Little Bit About Us


Our interest in collies dates back to David's boyhood days when his dream to own a dog was fulfilled when he brought home not only his first dog, but his best friend as well, a collie, "Caesar" by name. He enjoyed many hours with his collie, which led to months, and years with his faithful Collie.

Our first family collie was a "rescue" and she adapted quickly into our family. Although a little bit shy, she was a loyal protector and friend. This sparked our desire to own and raise collies. From there, we obtained our first two girls.

Our goals as we raise our collies are to maintain not only physical beauty, but health and temperament as well. Our earnest desires are to provide intelligent, and healthy family companions.


Please grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, sit back and take your time to visit with us, and our collies on our Michigan farm.


                                    David & Lori

Children playing with sable and white rough Collie
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