Meet our Collies

We have been blessed over the years to have been mentored by our dear friend,
Carole Stanley of Afterhours Collies. She has lovingly poured much of her wisdom and knowledge of the collie breed into us. She has always had time for my endless questions. I am truly grateful to Carole. It is mainly because of who she is in our lives that we have the amazing collies that we do. 
Please feel free to contact us about our Collies. We welcome any questions that you may have. We occasionally retire our adult Collies into loving pet homes. 
Afterhours Got a Dream

Flynn is a blue merle collie. He is a friendly, gentleman. We are happy to have him as a part of our Collie family.

(Blue merle Collie puppy pictured below is Flynn)

Afterhours Light of the Realm 

Barry is a tri factored, white factored sable and white Collie. He loves having his head rubbed and always greets us with a smile.


Photos of Barry coming soon!

Heritage Farms True North


 We will add updated pictures of Paris in the not too distant future. We are waiting for her beautiful coat to grow back in.

Photos of Paris coming soon!

Afterhours Tupelo Honey


Sweet Kara is a daughter of our foundation male Kyle. She has a very even temperament and is a great mother. She is a tri factored sable and white female. 

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